Research by Subject: obesity

Date Source Title Subjects Researchers
Sep 2017 Patient-Provider Relationship and Perceived Provider Weight Bias Among American Indians and Alaska Natives
Oct 2015 Patient Activation is Inconsistently Associated with Positive Health Behaviors Among Obese Safety Net Patients
Jul 2015 Relationships between Emotional Well-Being, Patient Activation and Social Support among Adults with Severe Obesity Who Have Undergone Gastric Bypass Surgery
Mar 2015 Uptake of Dietary Sodium Restriction by Overweight and Obese Patients After Cardiac Revascularization
Jul 2014 Activation to Self-Management and Exercise in Overweight and Obese Older Women With Knee Osteoarthritis
Jul 2014 Pilot Study of an Action Plan Intervention for Self-Management in Overweight/Obese Adults in a medically underserved minority population: phase I
Nov 2012 Patient Activation and Disparate Health Care Outcomes in a Racially Diverse Sample of Chronically Ill Older Adults